A Booner BT is my #1 bucket list hooved animal. I / we got close this year dancing with "The Masher". He's awfully close to being a book buck and if he doesn't start digressing this year, he should be an even bigger stud next year. He went from a 5x5 two years ago, to we don't even know what this year (8x7 or 7x6). I don't think he'd made the book based on standard inches alone. He's gonna need those extra points to have a chance.

It'll be neat to see how his rack changes this off season. If at all and if he's still around, but I don't see why he wouldn't be. He's in prime shape, lives right there, nobody has ever laid eyes on him in person and we're the only ones who hunt around our area.

Past that, I reeeeeally want a good Yukon Moose, so I'm with you Stam. He doesn't need to be a Booner or reach that magical 60" mark. To me, any nice Moose would be my trophy of a lifetime. It's the $20K+ for the trip which holds me back. I'm one big business deal away from putting down a deposit. Hope 2019 is the year I can make that deal.
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