I've been in the candy van. In isn't as scary as it looks.

Three people works well for cutting up and packing a moose. Mine usually wind up in 8 chunks when I leave the meat on the bone.

Front Q x 2
Rear Q x 2
Ribs x 1
Possibles Bag x 2
Head x 1

Each one of those chunks is a load for one person. The lightest load is usually the head at 50-75lbs. The rear quarters can weigh 160 but for an average sized bull they are usually more like 120-130. I don't shoot them more than a mile from where I have to get them to on flat ground. Add any ups and downs, swamps, schwacking, or other hardships and that distances starts shrinking quickly. I fell down with a large hind quarter on my back in a swamp and the thing almost killed me. My face was getting pushed into the muck and I couldn't roll over or breathe. I guess the moose was just looking for a little revenge. Moose are big critters.
I am still not a cop.

EZ Thread Yarn Balls

"I don't care how you catch them, as long as you treat them well and with respect." Lani Waller in "A Steelheader's Way."