Ooof! Todd and I found a new Public Enemy #1. Trail cameras indicate that we both missed out on him in the wide open at high noon last year by about an hour each. That tricky cuss.

I hesitate to even call out the number of total points now because it's too hard to tell even with dozens of pics from last year. He possibly has at least 4 long brow tines from 2 - 4" each. Maybe even 5 brow tines! He makes the big boy we were previously after look like a fork horn. This boy has it all and then some - points of the charts, length, symmetry AND mass. Huge body with an amazing coat. Just a specimen. I'm poor at live scoring, but he passes the eye test straight into the books....I would very much like to think.

No, I will not post a picture...until he's in hand and we are grinning from ear to ear.

I'm literally vibrating for the season to start! LET'S GO!

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