Always enjoy CG pixels & prose.

When it comes to large ungulates, a man's got to know his limitations. That often includes freezer volume. *grin*

Have had the pleasure of seeing moose while chasing chrome "up north" and also while hunting elk in WY and MT. First glance at the cow in WY made me believe I was seeing someone's horse tied to a tree at the edge of a snowy meadow. We were both at the edge of treeline about 10k above sea level. Leica 10X solved the riddle. Also jumped one in the MT timber while tracking smokin' hot elk sign in the snow. Both surprised me for being in the high timber and their size. I've long solo hunted for bulls & bucks in remote areas but the idea of packing out a moose makes it a two-man endeavor. Even more so for the Yukon variety and available freezer volume. YMMV.