Parker - I'm sure you've hunted the same properties.

We've done just a "little" bit of grounds work over the past 3 years getting one property dialed in - to put it mildly. Lots of time spent preparing and maintaining lands. I call it my deer golf course, complete with multiple holes and fairways. I just moved cams and installed (4) new ones this past weekend, so we'll learn more about what we are working with in the coming weeks. I do know that it was a bumper fawn crop this spring, so the future continues to look bright.

I really hope the Masher is still around. But if not, we have another 10 - 12 bucks running through all the time. Some real dandies in the mix, like Todd's 5x4 boss hawg from last year. I am really due for something big. Yeah, small bucks and does fill the freezer, but I want a true dandy. I would just die if that happened to be the MASHER!
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