The elk hunt was pretty incredible. I missed a nice 6X6 opening day (no idea WTF happened). Spent the next 5 days passing on 5x5s and small 6 or 2. I got busted by a herd bull that came in silent and was staring at me at 20 yards when I turned around. Other bulls that would commit, made it into the national park before I could get on them, etc. Pretty much in elk the entire time. On the second to last morning, my gun didn't go off (cap did go off). No idea why, as I had been cleaning and reloading each day to avoid such mishaps. On the 2nd to last evening I shot the first bull I could and ended up with a 5x4. I'd passed at least a dozen bigger bulls at that point but getting everything to line up with a muzzy is dicey. It was a bittersweet ending to one hell of a fun week of elk hunting!