Gold touched $1365 today, on worries of WWIII with Russia due to Trump's tweets. If you didn't buy your GOLD yet, you better buy on the dip because it's pulled back a bit. Trump will tweet some more bullsh!t soon and then gold will hit it's 2016 high at $1375. Stock up on Malt Liquor folks. The Flat Earth is going to sh!t fast.

It's 2:00 and the market is closed, we're up 1% just today. So that means it's time to celebrate today's profits by getting sh!faced. Time to get inebriated again, MALT LIQUOR! Today I'm drinking an absolutely refreshing & delicious Colt 45. If it's good enough for Billy Dee Williams it's good enough for me.

In honor of Billy D, I got a can not a 40oz. I bought it in Vancouver but it says OR 10 cent return so I am going to return it in Orygun for 10 cents just to screw them over. Fvck the entire state of Orygun and each and every person there. Orygun is a sh!thole. Fvck you weak handed cvnts who don't even have any gold. Fvck people who don't drink malt liquor. God bless Malt Liquor! God bless Rich G and his investment tips! God bless America, the greatest fvcking country on God's Flat Earth! Gold, MAGA & Malt Liquor!