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A whopping 165 views on youtube. I guess drinking [Bleeeeep!] beer and listening to [Bleeeeep!] music in front of a cardboard cut out of a [Bleeeeep!] President isn't all the rage. Weird thread...

I'm an internet superstar with over 1 million views. That cat video was just one for my friends in the Malt Liquor Drinking Community but you wouldn't know anything about that because you don't even drink Malt Liquor. You probably don't even own any gold either.

How dare you talk sh!t about Trump, disrespect the memory of that dead cat or talk sh!t about Malt Liquor? Respect MALT LIQUOR or kill Yo'self. Fvck Vapidangler, that lowlife POS. Fvck California, what a sh!thole. Fvck Monterey. Fvck Monterey Jack cheese, get some real American cheese you cvnt. Fvck people who don't drink Malt Liquor, drink Malt Liqour!