I believe fishing is a privilege, not a right. Our population is expanding rapidly and at the cost of wild/native fish populations which I believe we have a right and responsibility to protect that supersedes our "right to fish". I don't believe we have the "right" to wipe out native fishes in the name of human progress, which is what it will eventually come to. There are already, as you all well know, populations of native fish that are extinct and others that have been closed to fishing for their protection. I think we're going to see more of this as we expand and human populations increase. Fishing in these areas is likely only to hasten the demise of these fish, so how can we declare it a right? Whereas I'd like to think the right to fish is fundamental, I think our responsibility to protect natural resources is more fundamental.
If every fisherman would pick up one piece of trash, we'd have cleaner rivers and more access.