Mike Gilchrist; you are great, you the man today! You not only have knowledge, you got gonads! You are 100% right!

Todd; I thought that you said that you gave "legal advise"; makes me wonder on what! You are getting too carried away on the "god" thing!

In answer to question 1; No, every man can believe in whatever "god" he choose to. Tribes believe in Spirits, and nature, what do you believe in? Others, like me, believe in both evolution and god. Answer to question 2; Yes, just look at the Bolt decision! Answer to question 3; Mankind has always had the right to fish. Just because a few cultures "might" have done otherwise, doesn't dwarf the overpowering fact that "mankind" has always had the right to fish. Answer to question 4; That's a "loaded one" and you know it! I'll pass! Just for your information, I have been both called and labeled "an environmentalist" in numerous public meetings and also in the press.

You now say that "I" have assertion that "wild fish" don't exist anymore. What are you smoking? Now, I understand why you choose to always make a new post, instead of answering the really hard questions when you get yourself into a corner. I do notice little things like that! As a legal advisor, you know what I have stated; "My personal belief is that it is a "god given right". Do you really understand what "personal belief" means Todd? Why do you only come out on the "attack mode" when you fear that "wild steelhead" are being threaten by some ones post? Are we that great of a threat to you and your followers? I have been attacked by bees before, but not "killer bees"! Are you one of those "killer bees", or are you one us "colony bees", or are you just a "want-to-be"? Todd, don't take this as a personal attack on you, but as a definite attack on that way of thinking. Perhaps I've vented a bit and been too sarcastic, but this way of thinking really sets me off. Sorry if I've pissed anyone off.

Sorry, but you said; "People have also been committing murder since they evolved using the same argument you apply to fishing this would also make murder a 'right'. Sorry, man says we cannot murder fellow men, man says we can either fish or not fish."

Bad example stlhdh20 again, and not even close to what the meaning of "right", "fishing", or "privilege" means! Back to Webster again; (murder; 1. the unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of one human being by another; any killing done while committing some other felony, as rape or robbery.

You better re-read what the definition and meaning of "right" really means when it was used in my threads phrase. If I recall, the word 'right" meant something i.e; that which a person has a just claim to; power, privilege, etc. that belongs to a person by law, natural, or tradition.

Dave Jackson; did you catch that "privilege" word again? So it appears that you can have a "natural right" without having to have it been a "privilege"! Wasn't that the title I used in this tread (" Is "Fishing" a "privilege" or it a "natural born right"??)?

Ambiguous words appear to have many different meanings i.e. "privilege" and "right" don't they Todd?

And Dan S, you asked me; I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that fishing is a right. Where is the legal precedence? Todd should have been able to answer that one!

Well just look at the legal precedence that our courts have already sent down and given to the tribes!!!!! We just aren't as smart has all those dumb Indians are, are we? So who really are the dumb ones, what more can I say!

Is the taste of the bait worth the sting of the hook????

Is the taste of the bait worth the sting of the hook????