I'm gonna 'fess up here, just to make a point... I've not done squat as far as activism (except sending an email that Bob made quite easy from this site).

My problem is, I rarely get to fish. Between my work load, coaching kids sports, and my wife's business (she's in real estate and basically works 7x24, as far as I'm concerned), and keeping kids out of trouble with school, horse, sports, and music, I don't have time to enjoy my favorite passion, let alone be active in protecting my *privilege* (joke) to pursue it. So, no, I haven't spent time the way you've suggested.

Be that as it may, I don't think my opinion on the matter would be any different, and I don't think my opinion on the subject is any less valid.

As far as attorneys are concerned, I do everything I can to avoid needing to contact one!

Still, I sure like what Todd had to say. Right on the money from my perspective. On this topic, anyway. wink