Great debate here and one that is discussed amongst fishermen over the last year more than a lot of folks would think. I know Tod and I have discussed it a few times over a beer or two.
Rights vs privledge can be discussed three ways from the posts so far. One as theology, two as philosophy and three politicaly. Too bad we can't get Fawell vs Joseph Cambell in on the debate on the theology side, Homer vs Jung on the philosophical side and Slade Gordon vs B Clinton on the political side. Now that would really up the debate. But so far everyone has brought up points to think about and they are points that go beyond just fishing but a lot of things in our daily lives. Being somewhat of a leftist and not a politicaly correct liberal I'm not about to voice my thought on the subject but I sure enjoy and respect the more conservative view point as long as they think beyond the Rush Linbaugh retoric.
And Todd don't be affraid to say your an envriomentalist be proud of the fact and if the movement has flaws which it does say so. Cowlitzfisherman keep up the good work, this thread has hopefully got folks around here thinking about how we have got to where we are at.
Land Tuna