"Just because one has the "right" to fish; does not mean that one can over fish a specie to extinction, or break the "rules" that assures its species existence."

What are you saying???

Having the right (as opposed to having been granted a privilege) to do something implies that no one can stop you. Now you say you can't break rules, yadda, yadda.....

You gotta make up your mind, Cfm. To make a conscious decision not to decimate a species that you have an alledged "right" to target is one thing, but now you're suggesting that having rules that might forbid you from fishing doesn't preclude your so called right to fish???

I think the two are mutually exclusive, by your own definition (or Websters, F&W, whatever).

Let's try another controversial topic that can't be so easily muddied by symantics, like, perhaps, should we outlaw controversial topics on this board once a week so we all have time to cool off!