The fact that I have an office shouldn't lead you to the conclusion that I get paid to write on bulliten boards. I don't.

I'm not sure what your pushing at with this thread. I'm not sure why whether or not I was getting paid to do this would matter in any way to what I'm writing. I'm not sure why you think I'm hiding the ball, or using facts or laws out of context.

1. What is your interest and how would you describe your style of arguing, in this thread in particular?

2. What do you think mine is?

I ask the second question because you seem to keep making little backhanded comments about me or what I say, rather than just come out and say something, if you have something to say. I'm speaking particularly now about your "jury" and "guilty" comments about me "getting paid". And who the hell are the "other readers" that are wondering, too, and why the hell are they wondering? I'm wondering what your point is, and also what the heck you're talking about when you make those stupid comments.

I'll post some stuff here that's none of your business, but perhaps will stop this nonsense.

1. I have my bachelor of science in marine biology, from Western Washington University.

2. I have my JD from Gonzaga University, with an emphasis in environmental law.

3. I used to be a Washington State Assistant Attorney General. The client that I represented was the WDFW. I worked with the enforcement folks at the department, the commercial licensing division, and tribal fishing.

4. I'm a vice president and the legal advisor for the Wild Steelhead Coalition, which is a volunteer position. If they were paying me, I doubt they'd pay me to spend time arguing on BB's.

5. I'm a co-owner of a business that represents an up and coming local artist. (That I do get paid for). I work in a home office, and make my own hours. Sometimes I access my e-mail accounts and all the fishing BB's from other people's computers.

6. My interest in these types of issues are manifold. I enjoy these issues because they affect steelhead fishing, one of my greatest joys. I think that I have a unique background that gives me some insight and education about these topics that a lot of fishermen don't have, and I think information and education are the greatest tools we can use to help sportfishermen and sport fish get the attention they deserve. I give my own information freely. I find that many of the folks that participate in these debates have different facts or perspectives that broaden my own base of knowledge.

Can we get back to the topic at hand, now?

Fish on...