To All:

Did I make you THINK...again?

If so, that's GREAT!

Did some of you aerate your minds just a little bit more this time? Did some of you have to THINK just a little harder, this time, to put me down? How many of each of you has put that much time and effort into preserving your fishery? If you guys did, we would not be writing this thread now, would we?

Are some of you still a little pissssssssss? Probably so! (Todd I will send you an email on your request a little later), but in the mean time, mellow out just a little! It's good that you have come out of your closet, to defend our fishery!

Why haven't you started this board to start thinking earlier, with questions like my own? You are now part of this "arena" and you shouldn't be afraid to make all of us THINK, should you? I can't be the "fall guy" forever!

We (and that means all of us) are just starting to see what is ahead of us, if we don't prepare ourselves NOW for such debates, how do you ever expect us to win the battle?

To ALL, I always use simple words, because, I am a simple person trying to reach ALL the people!

Todd; If someone is going to qoute case law on this board to support their opinion, then please post the entire case, be it by email or on your posting! Then an only then, can this board read what has really been decided and quoted.

One last point and issue that I would like to make, and it goes back to what one of our members had said; "You'd think they would have learned by now to skip the posts started by you..."

There are well over 3200 other members out there that can't, or won't post or put their necks onto this board's chopping block! So I will continue, has usual, to put my neck out for them!


P.S. Also remember that I STILL have real thick skin! To me it's a lot better then "talking" about a hook in my butt!

Is the taste of the bait worth the sting of the hook????

Is the taste of the bait worth the sting of the hook????