My comment was not made in regards to his opinion as I understand that we disagree and I respect his opnion regarding many issues (eventhough we disagree on alot of them). I believed his comment was very righteous in that believes he has done a great thing by making us think, given that we have not done that before.

Lttle does he know, he is one of us... eek

Anyways, this board may have its share of bsing and b*tching but do realize that this board was the catalyst for the Wild Steelhead Coalition, a group that in little over a year has made some serious political waves.

I seriously do not think something like that would be capable of a board that does not think, that is full of mindless drones. rolleyes

Gimme a break...
Ryan S. Petzold
'Sparkey' and/or 'Special'