"Aren't we all dependent upon our fellow men not to overexploit the resource?? If our fellow men kill all the fish what good does having the "right" to fish do for us?"

Yes we are dependent of fellow men to protect us from overexploitation, that is why we have government agencies because without fish the "right" to fish does not do anything for us. But that still makes it no less a "right".

If I am starving and the last fish available for me to catch and eat, I would eat that fish and then I will worry about the consiquences. Regardless of what the law says, I still have the basic human right to try to survive. Their may be a situation where all fishing could be halted for a time and our reliance would be dependent on other food types, but it still does not take away our right to fish if those other food sources were to also become scarce.
Mike Gilchrist