dwarf the overpowering fact that "mankind" has always had the right to fish....
Give me those verses of the Koran where you are pulling this 'fact' from, or whatever spirit book, evolution science book this conclusion is based on.

Oh yeah, I do believe Cannabalism is an older "god-given right" than fishing. Actually, I think this practice still survives.....

You say you believe in God, yet I still do not see where you conclude that the 'privilege' God has blessed you with is a 'right' given to you by God. Last time I read the New Testament, the only promise made to man is Eternal Life.

Man can and never will be able to take away the only God-given right you have been given.

geeeez, da 'neck done flipped his lid speakin' in tongues.

Next question on the subject of this thread:

How many of you "God-given right to fish fishermen" are republicans? rolleyes

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