Now boater1, I'm not the smartest guy in the world (I don't apply myself to my fullest potential :p ), but the last time I checked, convicted felons aren't allowed to be in possession of a firearm, nor are they allowed to purchase a basically the answer to your question is "yes" they can take away your right to pack heat altogether.

Sorry I haven't been around to see you get banned, then come back. What did you do to get banned?

Chuck, I have to say though, your statement/quote was hilarious.

Great debate guys. Funny thing is though, Bob, about lawyers and their winning/losing streak....both lawyers always get paid either way, unless it's pro bono or a different arrangement in a civil case.

Todd, thanks for backing your argument/opinions up with corresponding cases/links. Bob, thanks for making me think, but come on, at least tell people before they read what appears to be a serious thread, that it is a joke, especially when the punchline is "made ya think though."

And what was up with the appeared jealousy by we 'readers' that you have towards Todd's ability to do things from work? Those remarks seemed unlike you. Thanks guys for not turning this into a pillow fight. eek lol
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