Once did a lot of the stuff you are doing for the Cowlitz in Montana. It delt with a timber cut that was totally useless and the National Forrest Service. I understand your frustration when outsiders with more resourcses that you asked for help took over. But ya just got to remember that dealing with such a strong enemy like Tacoma power is not easy. The two groups you mentioned may not do what you wanted done but maybe the end point will be better than what has been going on for a long time on your river. If you believe in what you are doing then fight on but remember that having only one big enemy is better than having 3 big enemies you may now have. The way I read our American Constitution as in your fight, is that Tacoma Power was given the right to do as they have done to your river. Lucky for us Thomas Pain came along at the right time with "Rights of Man". At least we the people through his work gained the compromise of privilege to question those rights and sometimes we make enough noise that those in power will backdown some.
Fight on!