The "Native American Indian" who lives in Washington State doesn't need ANY fishing licenses to fish on waters that they historically fished in
This is only true because of the agreement made between the tribes and the Federal Gov't. We, as sport anglers, have no such agreement with the Feds.

About the "priveledge" definition. It fits perfectly, since the ability to fish is granted to those with licenses and witheld from those without licenses (unless you're under 16).

I think it's a lot like driving. Those with licenses are given the "priveledge" to drive on our roads. You can get from point A to point B without using the roads, but if you want the "priveledge" of using the roads you MUST have a license, and a licensed/registered vehicle.

I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that fishing is a right. Where is the legal precedence? Fish closed waters, get a ticket, and see how far you get by claiming your "rights" have been violated. If the courts don't agree with you, then you might as well resign yourself to accepting that fishing ISN'T a right unless the coutrs rule that it is.
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