Cowlitz -

Thanks again for this post. No matter how many people try to discourage you, have an opinion. Express that opinion, but do not become intractable. Listen to the counter-arguments and acknowledge their validity...

On this point we agree: Currently we have the right to fish.

Where our opinions diverge is that you believe this right to be sacrosanct, an inviolable birth rite.

I believe it can be (and is)taken away at any time.

Our differences of opinion are not semantic, they are the nexus of the entire preservation conversation.

The semantics I believe people are questioning is the right/privelege question. Would you agree that the difference between the two is so negligible as to make them synonymous??

The real argument isn't right or privelege it is right/privelege: Inviolable or revokable?

Good work cowlitz, don't let let all of these opinion wimps (fence sitters, hem-hawers, wafflers) who are tired of opinions, or even people like me who may (shock) come across as superior slow you down...

You'd think they would have learned by now to skip the posts started by you...
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