PM requested I put up a example of R-6 District 17 staff being told that problems existed in the WAC CR 102 process. So I dug up this one and I will highlight Lori's feed back.

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Preuss, Lori (DFW)
Tuesday , April 26, 2011 12:28 PM
Hughes, Kirt M (DFW); Mcclellan , Barbara A (DFW) Ashbrook , Charmane E (DFW); Warren, Ron R (DFW) RE: WACS for OTS

Yes. I will send the WACs back to you when I get them from OTS, and you can make the changes then. I don't know if you're aware of Puget Sound Harvesters Association's (PSHA's) complaints about Jeromy changing his proposed rules weeks after he filed his CR-102, but you need to hope no one complains about you making substantial changes to your rules so late in the game. The version of the WACs filed with the CR-102s is supposed to reflect the rules as you intend them to be, not a best-guestimate. It is possible that the fallout from PSHA's complaints will cause people to finally pay attention to this. Just a head's up.

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From: Hughes, Kirt M (DFW)
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 9:00 AM
To: Mcclellan, Barbara A (DFW); Preuss, Lori (DFW)
Subject: RE: WACs for OTS
Importance: High

Lori -
I need to make a couple changes to what we sent on Friday. Is that still doable?

From: Mcclellan, Barbara A (DFW) Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 2:51 PM To: Preuss,Lori (DFW)
Cc: Hughes, Kirt M (DFW); Ashbrook, Charmane E (DFW)
Subject: WACs for OTS

Lori, Attached are the 3 WACs where changes have been made in track changes from the CR-102 version that was filed in April and need to be sent to OTS for formatting. They are WACs 22-22-020, 220-40-027, and 220- 36-023.

Please send these to OTS to be formatted and send back to me when you get them back from OTS. When I get the formatted versions back from you, I will make sure to get them to John for the website because our hearing is set for May 10 and we are scheduled to meet with the Director on May 12.

I know you are on furlough today but our furlough was moved to Monday, the 25th. So I wanted to get these to you today so you will have it first thing Monday morning .

Thanks. Barbara

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