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Recent works shows that the Pinnipeds (Yay Larry) are really chowing down on juvenile salmon. When the whales and pinnipeds are added together, they take more than humans. According to da Feds.

Now, back to marine mammal predation in Puget Sound. Here is a link to a recent scientific article addressing the impact of four marine mammal predators: https://www.researchgate.net/publication...om_1970_-_2015.

Draw your own conclusions as to what needs to be done.

I am adding a link to a just published paper that examines chinook mortality tradeoffs between fisheries harvest and marine mammal predation along the west coast of North America.. Chinook recovery may be going as well as it can, it is supporting an ever increasing number of mammal predators of all sorts. This paper didn't account for bycatch mortality in trawl fisheries and didn't look at the Bering Sea.

Marine Mammals and Chinook