I see we got unlocked but onward.

Here is a link to FTC Dave's Rants. In it you will find my thoughts on the NOF Chinook harvest of paper fish. If you don't want read the whole thing hit the link to the 2012 Chinook Impacts. The FRAM 2012 spread sheet data was utilized to produce the numbers of PROJECTED PAPER CHINOOK to be harvested. Just as a teaser how many know that WDF&W agreed to allow the QIN to harvest 18% of the escapement goal or 2426 Chinook. If your blood pressure is rising remember WDF&W AGREED to allow this.


Wee Edit: I was asked why not a direct post here? In multi sheet Excel and other documents you loose the formatting plus a bunch of other things when pasted in on PP. It is simply easier with a issue that has a lot of research time involved and multiple links in it to link to FTC work. If it is just one document, or something similar, I usually just write up on PP. It is all about the work required.

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