Bunch of yipping around Willapa and nope I do not know the whole story except that a Rec Adviser ( not from the area ) suggested cutting back Rec limits to allow for a expanded NT Commercial season. Best I can tell between my puter screen crying and flaming e mails that one started things up.

GH is moving along and we have a conference call so more later. Oh we are going to have to live with non retention for Chinook be it H or W as not enough fish. So scream if you like but it is tight and in order to have a season something had to give. Also the QIN numbers as to harvest look OK as they do not go into Oct 8th and only for 2 then 3 then two. State is looking to stack in the Nt's behind them but in compliance with the GHMP.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in