I am on the Willapa mailing list and this on Willapa from Chad so I thought you Willapa fishers might be interested.

Hello Everybody,

As we come to the end of 2016, just wanted to send out some information on a couple of fronts. First, stock assessment field activities for Chinook and Chum have been wrapped up. We are just reaching peak spawning for Coho on the northern end of the bay. Peak spawning for Coho will progress from North to South with the southern end of the bay peaking just after the first of the year, historically. We have had some requests for Chinook and Chum escapement data already so wanted to let everybody know where we are at in that process. While all the field activities as it pertains to stock assessment data collection are finished there is still a lot of work that needs to be completed before we will have preliminary escapement numbers for those species. First, all the data must go through our QA/QC process to make sure everything has been recorded and entered correctly. Scale and genetic samples collected during the 2016 season have been sent to their respective labs and we have just started receiving results from those samples. Our timeframe for having preliminary escapement numbers for Chinook and Chum is the end of January. Secondly, on the NOF front, regional staff will soon be sending out a call for proposals to commercial fishers for ideas for alternative gear to try during the 2017 season. Proposals will be due to our office by COB of January 20th. Only those proposals that meet the alternative gear requirements set forth in the Willapa Bay Salmon Management Policy (C-3622) will be considered. Lastly, there is a table below that has a tentative schedule for our upcoming Willapa Bay advisory/public meetings for North of Falcon 2017. Please keep in mind that this schedule is tentative and subject to change depending on staff availability at these and other meetings held throughout the state. The schedule is meant to give you an idea of how many meetings we will have, when and where. It is not a finalized schedule. As always, please feel free to call our send me an e-mail if you have any questions, concerns or need additional information.

Date Time Location Meeting Type Topic
Feb, 22nd 2017 6pm 8pm Raymond HS Library Public 2017 forecasts and 2016 post season
March 14th 2017 6pm 8pm Raymond HS Library Advisory Management issues, fisheries constraints and fisheries modeling
March 23rd 2017 6pm 8pm Raymond Elks Lodge Public Management issues, fisheries constraints and fisheries modeling
March 30th 2017 6pm 8pm Raymond HS Library Advisory Fisheries modeling continued
April 20th 2017 6pm 8pm Raymond Elks Lodge Public If necessary

Chad Herring
Willapa Bay Policy Implementation Biologist
Montesano District Office
48 Devonshire Rd
Montesano WA, 98563
Cell #:(360)470-3410
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