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So...one fish limit on the Satsop again this year? Even with how large the 99% hatchery early run (September-october) was?

I called the local WDFW office, spoke with wardens and "Biologists" this last year. I have been fishing the satsop since I was 4 years old for coho on the Satsop. I told them that I have never seen an early run like I had this last year. Even some of the old timers agreed. With the one fish and done limit, I found myself handing my rod off a lot. Bringing friends who are new to fishing, just to punch more fish. Its a waste of time, money and energy when a guy can show up, chuck a bait of eggs one or two times and leave. At least with a two or three fish limit it makes worth my time. I live close, but still.

Is there any real reason why they wont come out to some of the bank spots and/or wait at the launches to see simply "how good the fishin' is". I mean they have a bunch of fish counters, use them. They could have raised the limit to two fish from September-October and probably barely made a difference in escapement. I handed my rod off one day about 15 times. Most of those fish went home. I feel no remorse whatsoever. As I shouldn't.

Were you at the meeting Wednesday night????? This is the time for you to be heard......you got something to say, rise your hand...get on the call list....then when your name is called, say what you got to say.

NOF is where its at, not in September or October....and for sure phone calls during those periods of time....probably go in "one ear and out the other". Might make you feel good but NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN, until NOF 2018.

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