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Kind of like sticking your finger in a light socket over and over

zap, zap, zap, zap

Grays Harbor Management Plan and the Willapa Plan, very clear on the direction both the harbors are going, and the path to be followed.

Stay the course !!!!!!!!

GHMP, has some swells in the waters....

1. major one.....WDFW and QIN, need to be on the same page co-management of all of Grays Harbor. Time to change the we/they to us, would be nice to reduce the conflict between the 2 agencies. The sharing of data could help in a better management of escapement goals and reduced conflict between user groups.

2. Escapement goals must be met, for good of the fish, no excuses.

3. Once a clear understanding of escapement has been met, then section 7 of the GHMP needs to be a priory so that forced closures, like 2015, can be avoided. Section 7, pretty clear......just some individuals have a tough time with it......WDFW Commission, saw this as a important goal.

I prefer not to have my fingers in the light socket.....year, after year, after year.
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