Now for something that sucks. Week 40 QIN catch has not been posted. Now the end of things no but if one is trying to understand what is going on it is important. In another thread folks are crossing all over run timing and fish solely on weather / flows and it does not work all that well as the biological drivers ( egg development / spawning window ) are always in play. When looking look at the weeks fished and you will notice that wk 39 had a jump up on Chinook but wk 40 is not up. Couple that with the two days on the storm rise Chinook poured out of the bay and up river one could feel better about things, maybe.

Folks the agency for years has always been a target rich environment and frankly many of us know just enough to be loud and complaining is the norm. That said it is pure 100% USDA BS that one the QIN did not provide the numbers or two the agency staff did not bother to post them. The public can not and will not be able to support or even have a little faith in the process when the co managers conduct themselves in this manner. Be it QIN or WDF&W being the culprit here someone needs a ass kicking but it is more likely to get a award for service.

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