Correct... QIN will deploy enough fishing power to gillnet their paper half of the surplus over the 13.5K aggregate goal.

Because of chronic failure to put enough fish on the gravel (staying true to it's historic failure to make Chehalis e-goal 80% of the time) the state will manage its paper fishing power to stay UNDER the maximum 5% impact cap for Chehalis kings. In contrast, the state will deploy enough fishing power to catch its paper half of the Hump kings over the 3.6K Hump goal.

More specifically on Chehalis, the state shall NOT expend more than 0.8% of the wild Chehalis king forecast to prosecute a commercial gillnet fishery targeting abundant coho in 2A/B/D. That works out to 153 kings for the white GN's. At 55% release mortality, they're statistically done when they've encountered 278 paper kings.

Bottom line, that ain't gonna buy much opportunity.
"Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." (Zane Grey)

"If you don't kill them, they will spawn." (Carcassman)

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