The information below was provided by Brandon and he is working to get funding to upgrade the South Monte boat launch. The attachments I can send anyone if they would like to have them just send a PM to me or Brandon. I have not reviewed the information completely yet but at first look it appears to be a worthy effort.

I have attached the proposed improvements we would like to make to South Montesano. I have also attached a "rough draft" of a presentation just to give you a better idea of what the proposed project looks like and what the RCO Grant panel will be scoring. The main features that we are revamping is a brand new double boat ramp that is protected by a concrete articulated mat known as "armor flex." The new style ramps that we want to install are a vast improvement in design, longevity, and durability compared to the current ramps. Also, another main feature of the site redevelopment is the installation of a new CXT vault toilet.
As you will see in the pdf attachment of the rco presentation, there are hardly any words on the slides. That is how RCO wants the slides to look and my job is to "present" the slides so all wording is by mouth rather than written. I will give you a breakdown of what is happening in each slide. I hope this provides you with the information you're seeking.

Slide #1- Title
#2- Map
#3- Current ramp condition is very poor, especially during low tides
#4- Another view of the current ramps
#5- A shot of the busted culvert that we will replace to improve drainage of the parking lot
#6- A graph showing visitor use (before fishing season. These numbers will sky rocket soon.) Also, the current toilet
#7- An arial view of the site and its close proximity to the amenities provided by the town of Montesano
#8- The existing site as it stands today
#9- The proposed site plan with an example of the new toilet and new ramp
#10- Cost benefit of making these improvements (again, this is a rough draft)
#11- How the improvements will improve overall boating experience ( the grant category is "Boating Facilities Program," so the goal is to prove that the project will increase the boating experience and attract more boaters, which in return, creates more revenue for future projects.)
#12- A timeline to show we are ready to take on this project

Again, thank you for your interest in this project. If I can do anything else for you, please let me know.
Brandon Troyer

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