Steve Theisfeld started things out with a presentation to the Commission outlining issues and history in Willapa fisheries. Then the Commission Fish Committee put forth guidance in rather short order. So here it is and more to come but at last we know the direction we are headed. Keep in mind these are my notes from my perspective so hopefully I did not miss anything.

1. The Commission Fish Committee would like to see multiple options and review them prior to presentation to the AD HOC Willapa Advisers. ( and public )

2. Prioritize Chinook for Recreational fishers. Coho & Chum for commercial.

3. A option should be divide Willapa into two regions. North to be for Rec and South Commercial.

4. Alter hatchery production so Willapa ( Forks Creek hatchery ) is Chinook and Coho and Chum are South hatcheries.

5. Need to look at Chum enhancement.

6. To look at user funded programs such as Alaska Private Non Profit ( PNP ) for similar programs for the South Bay.

7. The Willapa hatcheries will comply with HSRG guidelines.

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