So who can interpret this clause in the setting of no coho-directed and no chinook-directed gillnetting in 2A/2D.

"No fisheries directed at chum salmon shall occur unless the adult coho salmon return exceeds spawner objectives, or if coho salmon impacts remain after coho and Chinook salmon fisheries."

The only logical reason to put this provision in the policy is to prevent commercial exploitation of coho in a down year under the guise of "chum fishing". This is clearly a down year for coho and so the spirit /intent of this provision should be upheld.

Every other part of the policy makes reference to 110% of goal to create a little buffer for management error. This is clearly a year where the co-managers have accepted that wild GH coho will come in at less than 110% of goal (i.e. no harvestable surplus as the run is essentially at or below e-goal). My interpretation is that this clause in the policy means there should be NO CHUM-DIRECTED NETTING in state-managed fisheries.

What do you think?
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