Anyone else have anything to add that they know about the reg / WAC process not being followed. In Willapa / GH that utter disregard is documented, as is the Cabezon fiasco. Seems to be a pattern of manipulation of the WAC / public hearing process to get and outcome that is not necessarily what WDF&W staff says it is. Thoughts?

For my part the following links take away any of the " " we are confused bit " often used. This link is to an email thread where Lori Pruess clealy identifies to R-6 staff that you can not make major changes to the CR 102 which is how the regs / seasons are set. Why is this important? Take this year the CR 102 was in March 8th before even the Advisers met which means no major changes allowed with out a supplemental WAC or redo is another way of putting it.

Hit this link and look at 2010 / 2011 / 2012 and you will see the very process used each year that Lori is commenting on and this link will be the history by years.

Bottom line is as put forward before, the NOF process for sports and commercial fisheries is smoke and mirrors in and attempt to meet requirements for public input. Most folks have given up on that process but few have grasped just how WDF&W did this year after year. The reality is they do a public NOF that is little more than a " rope a dope " then pretty much do whatever they want which has been in recent years screw the fish and in river sports.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in