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I was asked just what happened? WDF&W put into play a rule that had not been seen by anyone in the public hearings or NOF, that expands Chehalis netting from 7 days tangle nets (84 hours) to 8 days (144 hours) with only one day of tangle nets. Added four days in ( 2C ) which is the the Humptulips River area of the bay. So folks meet Grays Harbor fisheries management courtesy Mr Anderson.

If anyone had doubts as to how Region 6 functions under Ron Warren or the management philosophy of Jim Scot and Phil Anderson the doubt should disappear now.

Thank God... I think Grays Harbor just avoided an economic disaster of epic proportions, much like Pacific County did when WDFW heroically saved their immensely valuable commercial fishery in Willapa Bay last month. The law of the land said they were too late, but they came through, just the same, just as they always do.

It's a good thing WDFW is there to protect the well-being of our communities. Without the dozen or so brave souls wielding their gillnets out there, our economy would surely be in shambles. Were they not out there, we would have had sport fishermen from places far and wide crowding our hotels, buying tackle at local sporting goods stores, eating in local restaurants, buying gas from local retailers... The list of horrors goes on and on. Thanks to Warren, Hughes, Anderson, and all the little people, we will once again be spared.

In all seriousness, more and more, I think the reason we never get anywhere with our arguments that sport fishing generates far more revenue across the state than commercial fishing is that no matter how bad they screw us, we keep spending our money anyway, just for the CHANCE to catch a fish. Until that well dries up (and they are right to assume that, as long as there might be one fish swimming, it won't), our arguments about economic impacts will only make them laugh. Our passion for the sport we love is our ultimate weakness.