I am not as anti dam as many, I like electricity, but we have two dams in the Chehalis Basin that are mitigated for. The Wynoochee which after over 25 years WDFW has still not complied with the mitigation and even tried to get out of the Steelhead component. In the case of the Skook they released the mit Coho at Bingham which violated the mitigation contract and only stopped when some upper basin folks found out buried in the mitigation contract was a clause that said the releases had to be above the Chehalis Reservation and were going to sue. The weir for Springers protection was abandoned by WDFW and generally about everything I have seen was just BS.

So I think your correct as every mitigation agreement in the Chehalis Basin has been violated by every signatory on the agreement. On the Nooch it was WDFW (includes old Game Dept), City of Aberdeen, QIN, Chehalis Tribe, Tacoma City light. The Skook I do not recall but all the powers to be have been silent on all aspects. So yup I think your right.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in