OK all done now. It appears from Steve's E mail that screwing with the GHMP did not go over all that well. Now all should keep in mind that putting the NT Nets in on Sunday does meet GHMP requirements. The policy is the policy and it is guidelines to how you do things as to harvest but staff do have the flexibility to manage user seasons within the policy guidelines.

Now on the other hand when previous R-6 staff moved the marine boundary from the 101 bridge to Lake side they knew full well that they were dumping on the handicapped and low income folks best fishing location and for many the ONLY descent location. Staff knew full well what they were doing but did not care. Once something is implemented it is difficult to get change let alone something done years ago. So the dance goes on but I am glad this one is over ............. hopefully.


Hi Again Everyone,

There was not support for continuing discussion about moving days in the Grays Harbor commercial salmon fishery. Therefore this issue will not be brought before the Commission.

Have a great weekend!

From: Thiesfeld, Steven L (DFW)
Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2015 3:35 PM
Subject: Grays Harbor Commercial Rules

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