October 7, 7-12:30...Pump House area

People, people and more people......boats, bank, gravel bars....Fuller Bridge to below S. Monty.

Cowlitz River type jet boaters....3/4 to full throttle past bank fishermen and past anchored boats, just to get where there is more boats than where he came from. Saw 3 boats try to run where they shouldn't, lots of gravel got moved around today.

Fish....a few silvers, some jacks, more Chinook hooked than I like to see. Same boats hooking Chinook, that were rigged and fishing Chinook water.

I agree with others, rain needed, need to moved fish into the upper stretches of all the Chehalis tribs.

QIN starts netting the Chehalis, 10/8/17 - 10/10/17, if WDFW gets the numbers, maybe we'll know if "numbers" on the pre-season were correct???

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