Formal notification that went out.

Good afternoon,

As you are aware, commercial fishing in Willapa Bay began at 12:01am November 1st after being closed for the last half of October
for Chum conservation. The predicted season total Chum impact was 4,424 fish based on a predicted run size of ~47,000, which equates
to a 9.9% impact rate. The fishery was predicted to have 1,074 Chum impacts in statistical week 45 (Oct. 30th - Nov. 5th), however
the Chum catch thru Wednesday, November 2nd was 4,192 fish. With the 505 Chum impacts that were accrued in statistical weeks 37
through 42, our season total impact on Chum salmon has been 4,719 fish and this figure is expected to increase with impacts accrued
on Thursday. This situation developed quickly and given that information, the Department enacted an emergency closure of the
commercial fishery on 11:59pm Thursday, November 3rd until further notice.

Annette Hoffmann
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in