DR I would say the failure to make escapement goals is a primary issue but it is stock specific not so much as the Basin as a whole. Now that said what we have is a harvest driven problem plain and simple. In the effort to kill every paper fish possible, WDF&W ( and the QIN ) are willing to sacrifice the weaker stocks. It is that simple. It is not that the vast majority of the streams can not make escapement but rather they can not sustain the commercial harvest levels applied.

As to transparency, what transparency? I would like to point out last years NOF with no this / no that then WDF&W agrees to allow the QIN to take 18% of the Chinook escapement and never made it public. In fact if it had not been for Softbite's effort it may not have ever been made public. Transparency is a WDF&W policy? Nope but if you believe that transparency is WDF&W's policy in the Chehalis Basin I have a bridge I want to sell you.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in