Kim sent this out in response to questions during NOF. I think some might find the information interesting.

To All Interested Parties:

During some of the 2019 Grays Harbor NOF and advisory group meetings, constituents inquired about climate and pinniped issues effecting salmon management. Below I included some links to presentations given by WDFW employees pertaining to these issues during the 2019 NOF meetings.

The first link is a climate presentation given by Marisa Litz at the statewide forecast meeting held on February 27, 2019. Marisa’s presentation begins around the 42 minute marker.

The second link is a pinniped management presentation given by Nathan Pamplin at the NOF meeting held on April 3, 2019. Nathan’s presentation begins around the 47 minute marker.

Hope you find these presentations informative regarding both of these issues.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Kim Figlar-Barnes
Fish Biologist – Grays Harbor
WDFW Fish Program – Region 6
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