A LOT of kings are being hooked in the usual bank spots on eggs, I see lots of coho rolling around in the usual spot near my area. They aren't biting. Maybe the occasional one on eggs. Nothing yet for me or many others up this high on hardware or jigs. My theory is, water is still warm to get those aggressive silvers to bite much. Kings obviously aren't as picky, especially on eggs.

People have been getting a couple more on spinners below the mouth of the Satsop where there is a little more tidal influence, colder water from the tributary, snappier fish.

Also, I have looked in a few spots on the Satsop and seen a few coho in a couple spots already. If it was open, they would be a little snappy for sure. Im more optimistic about this season, as long as us upriver guys don't get the shaft again, it should be a productive season.