Your right I totally missed that, my bad! They must be days where the tribe pulls at noon and are 3 1/2 days of a calendar week. That leaves the remainder of the day for NT's. Tangle nets are about releasing wild Chinook and any Steelhead. When the Nation starts at noon it counts as a day ( any net in does ) so when they do three days they are doing 24 hr sets not calendar days. That means with no NT's getting Chinook at night ( high movement time ) it does leave that 7 hour window. The GH Policy was written that way to keep games from being played with 7 week days. I am told NT commercials hate it and some staff are less than fond of it. It is how the Grays Harbor streams can only be netted four days a week. It is called the 4/3 rule.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in