Brainstorming my ass. ( not meant to offend ya ) We had preseason forecast and with numbers tight you cannot propose a season with sincerity that reflects reality without the harvest model. You can get commercial inputs ( when you have the model ) but Rec requires staff to do the inputs. It was 100% dog and pony show driven by the need to meet the APA process legal requirements so they cannot be sued. ( again ) All that was done in the GH meeting was show last years seasons with this years returns to show the difference between the two years.

Three monkeys doing something to a football could have multi tasked and done the same thing. That staff have a bitch of a job this year ( well always ) is a given. Was staff dishonest? Not no but hell no. Was staff just going through the motions for Olympia? Not yes but hell yes. The meeting was a classic D & P show.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in