What we have here are suggestions from the public at the last NOF meeting for Grays Harbor in Montesano. Keep in mind these are suggestions from the public and were not vetted. More or less a shopping list if one chooses to view it that way,

2016 Grays Harbor North of Falcon Public Meeting March 24, 2016 6 8 pm
Montesano City Hall, Montesano, WA

Staff: Steve Thiesfeld, Mike Scharpf, Barbara McClellan, Chad Herring, Curt Holt Public: 47 Individuals

No directed salmon fishing at all and begin Steelhead Feb.1

Spring chinook fishery in marine area 2.2

Seal/sea lion issues and accounting of those lost fish

Close rivers that do not have hatchery production available

Spring Chinook through the end of July

Close Wynoochee in Oct and Nov all fishing

Chehalis Main Stem & Satsop - 1 fish release all wild Chinook and coho

Skookumchuck - no wild retention

Commercial week 43 and 44 1 day each week

MA 2.1 Close for two weeks in the main marine area and move those impacts to the Humptulips North Bay and add two weeks to that fishery

One fish and done - wild or hatchery coho

Wynoochee keep open thru October, close October 15 or November

Keep Wynoochee open

Humptulips North Bay fishery try moving fishery into July

Require knotless net use

No bait to reduce recreational mortality

Chehalis MS to Fuller open October 1st

No commercial fishing in 2A

5 days a week for freshwater fisheries when QIN is not fishing

Open fisheries with hatcheries

Mandatory retention required in one and done fishery, first legal fish you have to keep it

No mandatory retention

Boat limit in saltwater allowed now, should we reconsider this?

Partial week fishery if we are not able to cut enough coho to meet goal

Consider bait ban Fuller downstream to mouth of MS

Fish every other day

Jack fishery in the Chehalis - will we lose it?
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in