WOW! Saw that you posted this to piscatorial pursuits, but man this needs to get out to newspaper editorials, King 5 and Komo 4 news outlets, and iFish and Gamefishin websites. I don't have accounts on those sites...but man. This is coming from the ONLY 2 time OFFICER OF THE YEAR for WDFW, so you have to immediately give the guy some amount of credibility. Getting the word out right now is crucial, as it seems like a lot of issues that lay at director anderson's feet are finally coming home to roost, as you can only sweep so many skeletons in the closet before the door wont shut and they all spill out. I can't say enough thanks to Mr. Todd Vandivert and his years of service, and continued service in retirement. He should be given an honory award for this investigative attempt to clear the agency of such wrongdoings. I am contacting my state reps to make sure they recieve a copy of this letter and do something about it.

This came in my e mail so I thought I would post it. Not for our reading benefit but for the gentleman that wrote the letter to the Commission that I posted previously. One never knows about letters that harsh but it seemed authentic and had the proper bells and whistles. What I did not know was the fact that this is coming from the ONLY 2 time OFFICER OF THE YEAR for WDFW. The loyalty the former employees have is often difficult to grasp but I think if this gentlemen is who the e mailer says he is then I am going with someone who is fighting FOR the agencies credibility which under Mr. Anderson has reached the level of about ZERO / to NONE!
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in