From the Commission presentation on how you classify a streams salmon population. As many have discussed this is rather important be it views of how it should work in Willapa ( & Grays Harbor ) are very diverse. While the language is rather clear how the agency interprets it is not as this was part of the 2009 adoption of HSRG adoption and you see what still goes on in Willapa.

What the HSRG uses: (LCRSRP);

Primary—biologically significant, core, key, highly viable, important to recovery. Historically were a large segment of the population structure. Need to be at low risk of extinction.

Contributing– of some significance, are viable but lower in abundance than Primary. Contribute to diversity.

Stabilizing—a population, but may not have ever been a large segment of the population structure.

Little Edit: This was part of the AHA presentation and unlike in Grays Harbor where staff put up a slide that was totally misleading and just plain wrong, I doubt this is. So I think it is safe to say this is the agencies view of the classifications.

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