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They set recovery rates for all harvests of South of BC, so they can ignore BC/AK.

No they don't. The rates they set are for all fisheries. Example, LCR Chinook, LCR coho, Snake River Fall Chinook....these are rates that all (meaning AK, BC, WA, OR, and freshwater have to adhere to...)

Want to give an example of something you are describing? Reason I'm questioning your interpretation of the situation is RiverGuy was simply posting information about how they are analyzing things and you seem to want to say they are doing something that is only dealing with things south of the border....and that is incorrect, especially when it comes to stocks that are being caught off the coast, which are the stocks RiverGuy is bringing up here.

While you are often Puget Sound focused Carcassman, that may be what you're referring to, but blanket statements that are wrong, are well that, wrong.

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