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Nicely put together and easy to navigate. thumbs

Should generate some passionate discussions. I hope it helps produce a positive outcome for all sport fishers in the Chehalis and Willapa basins at the end of NOF.

Echoing my comments on the Kenai thread regarding fish management being all about patience, and taking SMALL incremental bites over LONG periods of time....

FishingThe Chehalis.net was really the catalyst that put decades of local effort into hyperdrive. The passion generated by this 4 yr old thread combined with the efforts of the Twin Harbors Fish and Wildlife Advocacy, Coastal Conservation Association, and the longtime local stewards of Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay have accomplished great things for the conservation of coastal fish stocks.

We now have SOUND science-based conservation plans approved in official Policies by the WA Fish and Wildlife Commission overseeing the management of both coastal estuaries and the rivers feeding them. It's only been a few years, but so far they have proven extremely valuable in keeping WDFW Region 6 actions within the conservation constraints spelled out in the Policy

This was no small task.

Folks really need to acknowledge how far we've come in these 4 years.

My hat's off to all who contributed to the effort. You know who you are.

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